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A chemical engineer who is interested in life.

It’s good to take the wolfpack to work.

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Success on the sea, air, and land

What makes someone successful at work? Ask a range of people and you’ll get a myriad of answers. There will be the “money” and the “power” answer. These responses leave a considerable amount wanting. Some will say “happiness” and that’s closer. Yet, all too often we read GALLUP polls or Forbes reports sharing the large category of people who remain unsatisfied with their job.

But, what about the ethos that governs the life and work decisions of US Navy SEALs? There are countless stories of brave men who put the team above themselves. …

A recipe

A tropical spin on an old classic

Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

This dish is bananas

A sweet, chewy, and aromatic pastry, sure to bring a smile to everyone who sinks their teeth in. A favorite treat when I was growing up, my first attempt at making banana bread was an epic mess. At about eight years old and barred from using the oven, my friend Emily and I made a gloopy pudding-type concoction.

At the time I figured we’d just used too much honey, but I know better now. This new banana bread muffin recipe makes about six muffins and pairs beautifully with coffee, tea, or a morning glass of fresh orange juice; and who…

10 years later and the smooth blend hasn’t crashed? No Way…

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

A buzz-worthy history

Around 10 years ago, a man by the name of Dave Asprey was introduced to the recipe whilst journeying through Tibet. A local brewed a cup of Bullet Tea for the tired traveler. The experience was life-changing for Asprey and prompted him to develop a successful and far-reaching brand. Since then, Bullet Coffee has filtered into the mainstream market.

Going coconuts for grass-fed butter

Could it be possible that the tropical little bean we all know and crave has a buttery, performance-enhancing friend? Will this friend enable our beloved coffee to achieve greater heights? According to many, the answer is…yes. But what exactly is “Bullet…

Love | Relationships | Kindness

One of the most rewarding finds, in terms of relationships.

Image by aliceabc0 from Pixabay

A valuable treasure beyond measure

Experiencing true kindness is something that can transform your life. It can bridge many divides, encourage deep emotional growth and even pave the way for a love that nourishes both individuals and the generation that follows.

There have been countless studies related to what people value in a partner. The most desirable qualities range across the board, but one characteristic that is consistently ranked among the top winners is kindness.

Could this overwhelming need for kindness be due to the universal understanding of its importance? Or, could it be that no matter how impressive other qualities may be in a…

Courage | Wisdom | Life

Be Strong.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The moment you feel it…

It hits each of us differently, but the feeling is unmistakable. It is the moment when you realize that you’re ready to live for something greater, something more meaningful. Sooner or later that moment comes for all of us, it usually requires some kind of shift; a deviation from the way we’ve been living up until that point. Yet, what happens next is up to the individual.

The song and dance

Can you name one thing in your life you’d like to change for the better? I can name several, and that’s a good thing. …

College | Work | Life

And do amazing on your exam every time.

Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

From the moment you walk into the room…

You know it is only a matter of time before the test day arrives. Be it a weekly math test, final exam, or the oral qualifier that stands between you and your promotion within the company.

There is no avoiding the inevitable. Sooner or later, your time will come. Your abilities will be assessed and the verdict will be reached.

We all know this information, but what we do with it represents the difference between success and the lack thereof. For most of us, the initial reaction to the word “Test” is instantaneous feelings of stress. …

A recipe

A delicious take on the most important meal of the day

Photo by Jane D. from Pexels

The deconstructed smoothie

One of the simplest breakfast recipes of all time, the smoothie is a choice win-win meal. Packed with fresh fruit, filled with minerals, and an excellent way to disguise your greens, the smoothie takes the cake.

Making it is fast, and the creamy concoction travels exceptionally well on the way to work or the gym. For those mornings when you have a little extra time, get ready to spice up your world.

This particular recipe allows for your inner artist to construct a delectable masterpiece. There are plenty of ways to make this recipe your own. …

Friendship | Life Lessons | Wisdom

The more the merrier… with some exceptions.

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

The crew

The group of people who continually fill your day with joy. Between the memories of when you all lit fireworks at the farm to when they interrupted your video film class and sang happy birthday to you.

These beloved friends are the treasures who are there for you, love you, and aren’t afraid to get your sweatshirt back from that creep who stole it when you weren’t looking. They are consistent, kind, and authentic to the point of no return.

Yet, it appears that finding these lifelong jewels has gotten tougher than it once was. …

We all take a spill now and then.

Image by Nicola Giordano from Pixabay

The fascination

Nothing knocks the wind out of you like a fall from a horse; even, if just at a standstill. Add a walk, trot, or canter to that spill and you're sure to be left with a memory that cuts right through into your tissue, and I’d know. I still have a scar.

Like many young children, I was completely mesmerized by horses. From their strength and courage to their beauty. All I needed was a glance at the stables and that was it. I was hooked.

It probably helped that I was raised in a part of the country that…

A surfer’s perspective on why you should keep paddling

Photo by Jess Vide from Pexels

The lifestyle

One of the beautiful elements of surfing is the rhythmic nature of the lifestyle. The moon draws the tides and without a doubt, you are able to count on the consistent ebb and flow of the ocean. An understanding of this type of balance can make the pacing of life easier to navigate.

Even if you’ve never surfed in your life, there are a few simple water skills that can help you better float through the ups and downs of your days.

Having been a competitive swimmer, swim instructor, surfer, and lifeguard intern I feel more than compelled to share…

D.A. Rutherford

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